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Global Equities & Investment Banking

Sophisticated advice. Focused research. Powerful distribution.

For more than 40 years, Raymond James has combined deep expertise, global reach and sophisticated strategies to serve the needs of growth companies and their investors. Focused research conducted by industry-specific experts across North America is the cornerstone of our Global Equities team. We offer a full suite of services, an extensive sales force and global distribution capabilities, all while remaining committed to a personal approach built on trust and relationships.

Global Equities & Investment Banking Services

Investment Banking

Our bankers provide clients with focused, results-oriented solutions across the full spectrum of investment banking transactions.

Equity Research

Our industry-leading equity research, conducted by a team of approximately 70 analysts, provides broad scope and deep coverage of key industries.

Sales & Trading

Our sales force, among the largest of all U.S. brokerage firms, serves more than 1,800 institutional investors with the support of detail-oriented trading and syndicate platforms.

Corporate & Executive Services

Our team offers comprehensive advisory and execution services at every phase of the business life cycle.

Corporate Access

Working closely with research, sales, and trading, our corporate access professionals match clients with qualified and interested investors.

Conferences & Events

Raymond James hosts numerous conferences and events throughout the year, giving institutional investors the chance to meet in person with company management teams.

Recent News

Investment Banking  |  December 17, 2019

Raymond James expands Diversified Industrials Investment Banking practice

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Investment Banking  |  December 2, 2019

Raymond James expands Financial Sponsors Investment Banking practice

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