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Assistant to the Chairman (A2C)

There’s no better place to begin your post-MBA career than at the top. The Raymond James Assistant to the Chairman program offers high-performing, self-motivated individuals the opportunity to acquire and hone the management and leadership skills necessary to succeed at the highest levels of the firm.

We are now accepting applications for the 2020 Assistant to the Chairman fulltime and internship positions. 

 Click here for the 2020 Assistant to the Chairman application Click here for the 2020 Summer Assistant to the Chairman Internship application

Why the A2C Program?

About the program

Established in 1991, Assistants to the Chairman (A2Cs) initially worked exclusively with Raymond James Chairman Thomas A. James, leading special projects that shaped the firm’s strategy, business development and ongoing success. Since Paul Reilly took the helm as CEO in 2010, the mission of the role has broadened to support other members of the Executive Committee in addition to the chairman and the CEO. Over the course of the two-year program, Assistants to the Chairman learn from some of the most respected minds in the financial services industry and regularly participate in meetings of the board of directors and other senior-level management sessions.

Responsibilities include:

  • Collaborating with the executive management team on strategic initiatives including merger and acquisition opportunities, new product evaluations, operational improvements, and contingency planning
  • Presenting analysis and recommendations to the senior management team and directing the transition of approved recommendations into implementation
  • Developing in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the financial services industry including capital markets, brokerage, asset management, and retail and commercial banking

We are now accepting applications for the 2020 Assistant to the Chairman fulltime and internship positions. Please click the links below for more information.

2020 Assistant to the Chairman application

2020 Summer Assistant to the Chairman Internship application